Board Meeting 4/5/2020


Board Meeting Minutes 


Zoom conference 


Kirk Hubbard 

John Pierce 

Amy Martin 

Kimberly Burke 

Max Paley 

Kirk - no problem having “donation” places all over where people can donate 

Wants a “passive” fundraising source 

“My vision is for people to bring new things in: use Denver Jamgrass’ name to do your other projects and make it good 

Link to donations: people will donate if they value it 

1. Retooling mission statement 

No need to retool it at the moment. 

Amy - wants the word support to be in the mission statement 

Max - will write up a new mission statement to send out to the board for review 

2. Fundraising strategies - or do we even need to fundraise? 

Board seemed to decide that for now no active fund solicitation should take place, but we can provide passive ways for people to donate like a or Patreon link 

3. Stone Soup album release - fundraiser? Kirk and Max think no 

Not a fundraiser: release for free. Youtube and on the website 

4. Ben Paley Memorial Musician's Assistance Fund - award for a musician in need - $500 budget - $100 each to applicants 

5. T-shirts as fundraiser / promotion - 

Amy - order of items: needs to be planned and set out in a document so that we are not crossing the streams. Amy’s suggestion: release the album and the musician’s assistance fund first, allow people the option to purchase T-shirts second. 

6. Miscellaneous (open to suggestions) 

Kimberly - how to help musicians right now 

Setting up a database for live streams - weekly list? 

John - Colorado grass chat 

Kirk, John and Max - people are not putting in their own info 

Denver Jamgrass as a resource on best online streaming stuff - Kimberly idea 

In the spirit of helping musicians - what stuff can we put up? Amy - promotion seminar : Kirk - audio for live streaming : Max - 

Kirk - we can loan equipment out for people - GrabBag of live audio gear - GREAT IDEA!