Denver Jamgrass is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the arts. We aim to increase exposure for small- and mid-market bluegrass, jamgrass and acoustic bands by broadcasting audio from their live shows and also archiving audio, photos and video from those same shows for music enthusiasts to enjoy indefinitely. Denver Jamgrass was founded by Kirk Hubbard and Max Paley, who connected through shared experiences in bluegrass music and as survivors of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

MissionCapturing and sharing audio, photo and video of performances in the acoustic music scene in Denver, CO and the surrounding region and promoting bands with a weekly list of all Colorado bluegrass shows.

VisionTo provide support to artists performing in Colorado and positively impact music lovers’ lives by providing access to those artists and their art.


Community: To bring together like-minded musicians, artists, stakeholders and concert-goers to establish a Colorado musical community centered around acoustic music 

Hospitality: Connecting small-market local musicians or traveling artists performing in  Colorado with local food establishments and individuals who can host and/or provide meals for working musicians 

Inclusivity: We are passionate about inclusivity and making sure there is space for all working musicians in our community 

Quality: Promoting quality musicians with quality content to be shared with everyone interested in the acoustic music world 

Cultivation: We hope to provide support to new and small-market Colorado artists by promoting their music on our platform(s) and providing access to their art for all people. 

Connection: Using our online presence and connections to support Colorado bands on national tours by connecting them with venues and hosts in other states and promoting their out-of-state shows